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*Recent performance and song list UPDATES in place - read on...*

2009 rehearsal and recruiting commences MONDAY 9th February.

Contact us directly, or ask for details from Inverell Campus NECOM or your school music department.





New Performance training group.



This group intends to cater to the widest possible range and number of keen, young, musicians interested in experiencing the rigours of ‘Jazz’ and ‘Stage-band’ music. (recommended - at least one full year of reading training on your chosen instrument, and a good chromatic range. The rest is down to enthusiasm...)

Rehearsals take place at MHS on Monday afternoons from 4:30pm till 5:30pm. Cost per attendance of $2. (Additional 'suggested' training Music and CD optional extra).

Build musical skills across a variety of styles. Learn to improvise.

Fossicking: we may discover a few


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Some Fossickers and Gem-Tones

Links between the Gem-Tones and FOSSICKERS, as the 'catch phrase' above suggests are quite strong, BUT the FOSSICKERS are a performing group in their own right, and welcome anyone on any instrument (check out the lists covered already - page 3) with an interest in deepening their understanding of their instrument, ensemble skills and improvisation.

These FOSSICKERS skills and attributes can be most beneficial when applied to any style of music. All musicians will find that they relate better to their other musical groups after being a FOSSICKER.

Don't just scratch around on the surface of your musical experience. DIG IN and uncover the real TREASURES.

MHS logo 2cm http://www.macintyre.hs.education.nsw.gov.au   "NEW SITE"

mpfl website link graphic http://www.long-blue-room.websyte.com.au  "LOCAL INVERELL PFL INFORMATION SITE"

mpfl website link graphic http://www.mca.org.au/music.playforlife.htm  


If you're looking for another instrument


Thinking of 'doubling'


or http://www.musicorp.com.au/ Hire only or hire to buy plans. Serviced instruments.


 Searching for some PDF Big Band Charts?


Big band charts, combo charts, vocal charts by top writers in pdf format for less than $20 bucks (us ?). Listen and view the scores, download, print and play! Get a free chart just for visiting.

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